Poultry Trucking

We began trucking chickens in 1965 when John purchased two Ford stake bodies for hauling poultry in coops. Melhorn’s fleet progressed until 1978 when the company purchased its first International straight truck. As the 80′s came, semis were added to the fleet, and the trailers were equipped with moving carts on wheels instead of coops. John was the first in the area to embrace the efficiency of carts, and the other poultry transport companies in the area began to copy the innovation Melhorn had already embraced. Today we have 12 semi-trucks and a straight truck. Our semis can hold close to 11,000 birds in the winter time and roughly 10,000 birds in the summer.

Our carts are designed differently than most of the other carts used by other poultry transportation companies. The holes in our carts are bigger and provide your birds with more space while in transit and less risk of leg breakage and other stresses while being placed into and out of the cart. Because of this we are not able to haul quite as many birds as some other transporters on a truck, however your birds arrive at the farm with less stress endured, and that can mean a world of difference in the performance of the birds. We want to see our customers succeed, and we take every step necessary to help out our industry. If our customers fail, we fail!