Equipment Sanitation

Cleaning and disinfecting equipment is extremely important in our industry. Clean crews and clean trucks are an aspect of our business we take very seriously. There is a great responsibility being placed on us when we are moving pullets for our customers. Our customers are trusting us with handling an investment that is very important to them, and they expect this investment to be handled with care. Melhorn Sales Service and Trucking Company understands this concern and wants to keep it a priority.

Every evening our equipment is washed and disinfected. This includes the coveralls and boots we provide for our crew. Our crew is also instructed to take every precaution necessary to clean their own clothing to the standards expected by our customers.

Our crew vans are washed down after every day they are used to remove all solids and visible dirt. They are then rinsed down with disinfectant to kill any left over disease that may exist.

Our tractors, trailers, and carts are cleaned of their solids and visible dirt as well. We have recently purchased an automated system to assist in cleaning our bulk solids so that our employees can pay more attention to the small dirt left behind. Diseases such as cholera and avian influenza can survive on minimal amounts of manure, so after cleaning the surface of our equipment we apply a liberal dose of disinfectant to ensure that any remaining pathogens left on the surface of the trucks are killed.

Sanitization of poultry equipment is an aspect of poultry handling that is often over looked, and in doing so can save money in the short term. However, one outbreak of Avian Influenza is all it takes to cause a lot of grief for everyone in the industry.