About Us

John Melhorn started out selling chicks for Dekalb in 1957 after serving in the US Navy. In 1960, as chicken houses began to grow in size, John saw the need to provide full time poultry catching crews. The crews consisted of mostly school kids who were capable of loading 5,000 birds a night into coop trucks. In 1965, Melhorn’s purchased its first truck designated to hauling live poultry. At this point in time, John also added servicing to his bag of tricks. All the while, this entire operation was being run from John’s home in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. In 1984, John purchased a plot of land on Main Street in Mount Joy which is the current location of our facilities. Unfortunately in 1999, Dekalb went out of business and our sales division was eliminated.

Presently we are located at 1010 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA. We now have 4 full time crews who are dedicated solely to the transportation of chickens. We have 12 semis and a straight truck with moving carts designed to move poultry as efficiently as possible. We also offer poultry servicing for both layer and broiler flocks. We are here to serve the poultry industry and we are willing to do this in any way possible. If you believe that we can be of service to you please let us know. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We are big enough to matter, but small enough to care.